Women’s Freebies Wednesday – Steaming It Up

Yep! You read it correctly! Today is women’s freebie day and we’re going on an adventure! 

We begin our adventure in a lovely sim called Vintage Village!  Steampunk and other vintage themes can be found amongst the buildings here. The beautiful scenerey makes for an amazing photo op for our freebie story today. As many of you already know (especially if you’ve seen my current hunts page) the ‘steam the hunt’ 4 event has begun. A hunt dedicated to the wonderful world of steampunk as invisioned by the patrons of SL. Now this hunt has over 100 stores and many great prizes that will be featured now and in the future.

In the photograph below you’ll see the beautifully designed dress that pulls a modern touch to steampunk fashion. From the classic color scheme to the lolita feel the quality is impressive ! This hunt item comes with a specially crafted, working, gun as well ! Even complete with sculpted shoes to match. Wretched dollies deffinitely pulled out the big guns for this hunt.


Adventuring alone isn’t much fun, so it’s always great to have a friend alongn, or in my case my love! What can I say? Those steaming boar tusks really grind my gears! Faust steamer is adorned in another of the fabulous steam hunt prizes from NS6! An entire steampunk ‘heavy boar’ avatar. It’s truly a remarkable build and holds together very well. Try it with some ground sits and you can get a laugh at how it seems to break down. Having a heavy board companion with you while your traveling can make quite the mark, even in the vintage village, which is beautifully photographed in the picture below by Faust Steamer himself!

Along with this outfit i’ve adorned a lovely artificial steampunk eye carefully crafted with skill by !!Never Ever !! also obtainable via the steamppunk hunt! What avi set is complete without skin and hair? For this classic attire i decided to go with one of the new lucky board skins from Mother Goose and for the hair a nice group gift hair from Tiny Bird. If you look closely enough I gave this avi a particularly ‘unusual’ set of eyes because she is a pilot! Goat eyes have the special ability to see in 320-340 (Rather than 160 – 210 that humans can see) degrees. So I figured if a pilot should have any eyes it would be ones that could see all directions.


I hope you all enjoyed a view on some nice steampunk themed freebies!   I was so exhausted I had to take a break to breathe and… stuff…

See you again soon!

TL;DR Style Card:

On Fluxa:

Hair – Tiny Bird (D.A.N.C.E) – Free Group Gift

Skin – Mother Goose (Alicia – Freckles) – Free

Eyes – ~*By Snow*~ (Satyr Eyes Brown) – $15L

Clothes – Wretched Dollies (Phoebe Gunn Ensemble) – Free Steam4 Prize – #139

Artificial Eye – !! NEver Ever! (Artifical Eye) – Free Steam4 Prize – #016

Pose – Del May – MIME/Leaning – Freebie!

On Faust:

Full Avi: NS6 (Heavy Boar) – Free Steam4 Prize – #028

Additional Crediting:

Photography – Faust Steamer
Location – vintage Village


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  1. March 11, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Awesome post is awesome =DDDD

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