A flight into the Devil’s Labyrinth + Fundraiser Info

Honestly, I don’t really remember why I returned to this place yesterday, it was a random thought and I ended up revisiting a wonderful sim!  One that I would like to share with you all, especially if you are bored, or even just looking for something to do alone/ with friends! 

So lets throw on our protective masks, wings, and take flight over to one of the many entertaining games created by Madpea Productions!



Our journey begins upon the landing point of the well-built maze where the devil of the island himself beckons us forward. Welcome to the Devil’s Labyrinth


Now, due to the cost of hosting the sim and these wonderful interactive features, there is a small fee to proceed. You’ll need to purchase the 25L devil’s labyrinth hud.  Now this hud is a one-time purchase and is often updated for free! Donations for madpea productions help maintain their wonderful interactive games which can be fun and educational (such as their new virtual medical doctor. which i will blog about on a later date).  Anyway, to buy the hud, simply find this ‘guest book’ and it will give you the option to spend L by right-click paying or use your MadPea Points via the menu(i’ve you’ve obtained any already).


Once you’ve obtained your hud, equip it, and be sure to  check your surroundings for any helpful objects. Now, the reason you will need this hud is because this labyrinth is a maze-based game, and to open certian doors and features protected by scripts you will need it.  Moving forward we find ourselves face to face with a large door, a symbol upon it, and perhaps a curiousity to proceed forward.


In the next area we find ourselves in the heat of a cavern pooled by lava. Proceed with care to the 3 way intersection to draw closer to the beginning of our adventure we must !


Whew! We’ve made it across just in time! I was beginning to worry there !  Now, we’ve arrived at an intersection, with three different paths to chose.  However, construction has only been completed upon one path, so lets begin there.  It is good for beginners to start here because it will give you a good feel for how simulators and rpg games work at madpea and will likely be the easiest of all 3 of the pathways. So head to the left and down the first path to the very first room!


Next we find ourselves in…


A dead end?   Not quite!   You see, like many madpea games, to advance further you have to figure out the puzzle.  The key to many madpea puzzles is to click everything, inspect everything, and pay close attention to wording or details given to you via crytpic message (such as the poem in the Firefly puzzle which will be featured later as well).

After you’ve figured out the first puzzle you will enter the starting room and will cross a red circle which will activate due to your hud being worn. To my surprise it saved my game and items I have gathered via hidden methods (mp and hp potions).  Boy was I thankful for this spot when I fell into a trap that killed me !


Oh ! What’s this creepy face! Another puzzle?  I bet it will tell me what I have to do to beat this maze ! After all, it is the DEVIL’s Labyrinth, right?


I began to wander about and found some obvious doors, little did I know the obvious rule about what’s obvious, and I ended up injured! Yikes! There goes half of my hp!  Luckily for me I neared a podium with a suspicious red glow and what luck!  It healed my lost hp!


Things sure are magic in here, but why don’t I have any magic power? I feel like I should have some…Somehow.  Either way, it’s time to move on, but what’s this!  I crossed paths with another pillar, but this one’s glowing blue ! Could it be tied to my Mana power?  Is that why I can’t use magic ?


Well, that gave me what I needed, but I still can’t use magic!  Phooey!  I guess I’ll have to proceed without it for now !  After finding the right doorway a black mist consumed my being and forward I went. Suddenly I had a feeling things were going to be more difficult and dangerous here on out.


Continuing my journey room by room, I noticed more boxes alon the way, and many useful items !  Oh! See that?  A mana potion laying in plain view ! This must mean i’m getting closer to getting my magic powers !


My journey was far from easy here on out!  I saw a treasure and managed to get it open for a nice gold prize, but the people who tried to after me weren’t so lucky.   I tried to move forward, but my path was blocked by what appears to be boulders.   Was this a trap? A trick to slow me down? Bah!  I’ll just have to find some way around it or some what to move through it ! If only I could somehow move those rocks! It sure would make my trip alot easier.


With no way to get through, I decided to go around, but that devil wasn’t going to let me through easily!


My feet were beginning to hurt, I didn’t think I was getting anywhere at all, but then I reached the first piece of my puzzle !


What luck !  Now I feel a bit safer! With this I bet I could take down alot.   A strange doorway leads me away, but I wonder to where?   Going forward on my journey I came accross a rather suspicious looking podium, inspecting it further the creepy little thing turned out to be very helpful after all, for a price.


His price was to high for me sadly, but maybe after a few rounds of this maze i’d have enough to meet his demands and end up with a prize that could proove useful for when the other paths open up. So I continued my journey. AH! What’s this? !  A mob of rats!?  Good thing I can defend myself now!


These things come in numbers ranging on average about 1-3 and prooved to be able to track me down in many places.  I could have sworn there were spiders here somewhere too, but only these critters showed their faces !

After escaping the attacks I came upon a doorway, but passing through it was impossible.  My face went splat against some sort of magical barrier that informed me that I did not have the ‘power’ to break through it. Gah! I knew I needed powers for something!


Is my magic here?   Nope, but it was a bloody mess.


Where oh where could my little magic be?   I’m sure it’s here somewhere! My senses are tingling!


Puzzle after puzzle, back tracking, fighting, finding my magic, and at last I have reached the end and found my real treasure !  Now the real puzzle, do I keep the money I’ve earned, or do I exchange it for the golden treasure (the final prize of the maze).


I went for the treasure ! After all, I can always find more gold, but treasure is much more fun!  And what a strange little treasure it was too!


Well, that’s all for this journey, but there are plenty more to come! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and that you’ll go for the full experience yourself!  Have fun, be safe, and remember to support the things you love in SL.  Without your support many are lost! As always, Thanks for reading, and here’s the ‘style card’ credits:

TL;DR Style Card

NoodMask – By Fluxa Steamer of *Contraption (Free for comment requests of readers/subscribers/ random)

Wings –  Mardi Gras Wings By ~*Illusions*~  – Free Group Gift

Outfit – Foxxxy by *Diavolicious* – 50L for a limited time @ Fashion House 50L sale

DL Prize: DL Bone Gnawler –  Prize by MadPea Productions for completion of The Devil’s Labyrinth

Also, If you’re able to, please lend your help in raising funds for the recent Pacific Tsunami Crisis.  Information on the funraising event will be posted asap, but if you’re a designer and want to help by putting up items in the 100% charity vendors for this event please go HERE.    Thanks alot and remember, every little bit helps, even a single person can make a world of difference for those in crisis!

*Contraption – Coming Soon! Brought to you by Faust and Fluxa Steamer!



  1. April 11, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Great Review/Article. I enjoyed reading your experiences and getting a feeling of how people think of our creations from a players point of view. I will promise to bring you more magic on the next paths. It’s well in the works and will be hopefully out towards the end of summer. http://www.devilslabyrinth.com

    Colin Nilsson/Colin Michaels

    • Fluxa said,

      April 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm

      Oh wonderful! I’m looking forward to them all, I appreciate your taking the time to read it this, and look forward to sharing more of my experiences ^^

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