Lions, Tigers, and Fairs… OH MY


Well, I know the lions are “Only in Kenya” , but I don’t know about the tigers. What I do know about is the Fairs!  And there are quite a few of them beginning today and in the near future. As mentioned before, the fundraiser for Pacific Crisis will begin very soon, so designers be sure to get those items ready for opening day! You can find out more about this fundraising effort (and others) by visiting  the IC:OOC  blog whom first reported on this event. Moving along today’s blog post is all about fairs and a few freebies thrown in  that’ll spark the attention of you thrifty shoppers out there (like myself usually.)   In the photo above are several items obtainable at the recently opened Fashion For Life fair. A fundraising event, like the fantasy fair, held for the purpose of gaining funds that will be donated to relay for life.  Now, as a fundraiser for good causes, things aren’t free or usually cheap.  So please keep in mind that all items bought from the donation vendors will go toward helping research and fight cancer.  Noble causes man…*brofist*–


Venturing into the fashion fair can be very difficult at times.  Please do your best to reduce lag by de-scripting and priming yourself to lower down your ARC(avatar render cost) .  I chose to visit as a sheep!  The fashion faire is spread across 9 different sims, with a large amount of stores, and many vendors.  There is sure to be something to meet the tastes of all here !  Whether you’re gothic, urban, or lolita. Man or woman.   Begin at the Center Sim of Fashion For Life and visit the wall of store names to see if you can find your favorites amongst them or just to get an idea of where to go first! 


Being without prims can be scarey, funny, and even entertaining.  However, as much as we care about our prims, lets care about eachother enough to delag and make it easier for everyone to get in the sim without trouble moving about.



Make sure to check out the Gacha Station in certain sims ! They’re full of goodies that you can pay fixed amounts for and several nice items can only be obtained inside of them at this fair !


Each gacha station  has it’s own look, like this one, what a cute little cafe!  To bad they didn’t allow sheep inside with the food ;^;


Hey! We’re not done yet !    There’s still one more fair I’m going to cover today!   I was informed of it by Eiran of IC:OOC earlier today. We explored, found some great items, deals and freebies.   This fair event?  None other than one of my favorite colours and flavours:



The march mint madness is going on right now until march 30th ! Mint coloured items, shades of  green, all here for your pleasure !  Most range under 200L (minus a complete furry avatar which was 600L)  and showcase some wonderful stores such as Silent Sparrow and [Ni.Ju]


The sim itself is very beautiful,but due to my own lag I had to reduce my graphics a bit to rez quickly.  However, not everyone may need to do this.


Be sure to check out the stores behind the fair area for freebies!  Here is an example of some of the treasures you can find! Ears, Sheep, Carrots, and Pierced tongues all by [ni.ju] !  Be sure to visit all of the fairs and fundraisers for exlcusive goodies and lending a helping hand to those in need. The smallest bit of help can mean a world of difference and even a single person can have a huge impact.


I am sure by now you’re wondering what the heck is up with all the lucky board words posted in this post.  Well, there’s two reasons for that, and good ones too!  The first is that I simply enjoy capturing words that lucky boards make to pass the time while waiting for my letter to come up. Since F is a hard letter to get lucky boards to come up with I tend to wait for long periods of time.  The second and final reason is that they are clues to a future post of a store full of wonderful ‘kawaii desu’ sort of attire and  hairs for free and low costs (free via group gifts/ lucky boards).   So keep reading for future updates to find out the answer and what goodies you can get your hands on !

As always, thanks for reading, and have a good one!

TL;DR Style Cards

Main Photo

On Eiran (left):

Shape: His own

Skin: Eito -Pale- from DEN-DOU

Hair: -N- “Modern Edge” – Salmon from Naughty

Shades: K_gs Panda 1.00 from Kumaki Glasses Style

Jacket: .+*Cipher*+. Neko Punk ++Murmur++ [Orange] from FASHION FOR LIFE

Bodysuit: [CheerNo] BodyPOP_Black from FASHION FOR LIFE

Mesh tanktop and pasties: Old hunt gifts from ELIXIR

Gloves: LEATHER gloves/Black_NO ZIPPER from Casa CheerNo outlet store

Leggings: Fuzz Leggings Orange from [][]Trap[][]

Shoes: <A> M_Latex_Boots from <TheAbyss>

Fluxa (Center):

Outfit: .+*Cipher*+. Neko Punk ++Murmur++ [Orange] from FASHION FOR LIFE

Hair: Teru by Fiction and Chaos

Eyes: RE Grand Ocean by Umedama Holic

Skin: Nyx Skin by Envious Creations (an old gift for a group)

Shoes: Rocking Horse Shoes by The Black Canary (From Halloween Event)

On Faust (right):

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Repulse
Eyepatch: Kumaki glasses style
Outfit: The Black Canary ((FFL DONATION))
Gloves: Sey
Earrings: Rozoregalia
Shape: His Own

Skin: Mother Goose’s


Sheep avi, pierced tongue, carrot, ears  featured in this post are all feebies of Vitani owner of [Ni.Ju]


Main photograph by Eiran of IC:OOC



  1. March 12, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    YAY *wiggles in this Yardsale Box*
    Amazing epic detailed post with lotsa goodieees

  2. March 12, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    […] designers place donation items that they know people will want to buy. For the style cards check this post at Fluxa’s blog, The Yardsale Box, where you’ll read about loads more […]

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