*Change/Update* Black Butler Hunt Rescheduled

Days ago I posted in my future hunts section about upcoming hunts. One of them being the black butler hunt, based on kuroshitsuji, and one I am still looking forward to. However, due to the Japan Tsunami crisis, this hunt has been postponed until June.    Here is the official notices for this information as posted by the hunt organizer:

この時点でLittle crown「黒執事」のハントに 2011 年 6 月まで日本の危機のためにこの時点で延期されることを発表したいです。自分と家族に専念いただきたいです。これまでのところ、ベンダーのハードワークをありがとうございます。まだこのハントその時のことで興味があるなら、我々 確実が楽しんでいました。自分の注意してください !

English: We’ve come to a decision to postpone the hunt until June 2011 due to the crisis in Japan at this time. We want you to concentrate on yourself and families. Thank you for your support thus far. If you’re still interested in doing this hunt at that time, then we would surely enjoy having you. Please take care of yourself!


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