Men’s Freebie Monday

Today is all about men’s fashion and freebies ! Sorry ladies, but the men need their freebies too!   To begin, i’ll start by saying, that not -everything- posted in the pictures below are freebies. However, I will mention what is not, and what is when you get to the stylecard portion of this post !   Now, lets start with a little bit of a themed outfit, camo being that theme.   Growing up an army brat i saw much of this attire, though the pattern has changed since then, and this outfit brought back many memories.   Remember folks, even if you don’t support the war, soliders are only doing their jobs.  It’s their fighting that defends your rights to protest. Anyhow, pictured here is a set of clothing you can pick up randomly throughout the Maschienenwerk  store.


Maschienenwerk is a great store for beignner male avatars. On their top floors they offer freebie shapes, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and even buildings for your avatar needs.   The quality of the products is constantly improving and looks much better than the default gear you begin with so I recommend stoppin by here, even if you’re not a beginner, there are some nice things to pick up here.



After visiting Maschienewerk there’s another store I visited that had a few nice freebies and many low-cost goodies for those of you who lean more toward the ‘femboy’ or ‘scene’ sort of styles.   I especially enjoyed finding this “iTroll” shirt. Can you see my happiness?  If you’d like to have it yourself just stop by the store Dice. Thanks to Eiran from IC:OOC for the heads up on that shirt.


The store Dice has many other freebies like this via group join!  So feel free to grab the others as well. 


As always, I hope you enjoyed reading, and viewing these freebies !  The style cards can be found below this post. I bet you’re glad I didn’t stress on fundraisers again today, huh?

TL;DR Style Cards

First Picture:

Clothes: Maschienewerk  – Free

Hair:  Uncleweb Studio – Free

Skin/Shape: Not Free

Shoes: HOCCheap


Second Photo Set

Shirt: Dice – Free Group Gift

Pants: *Arai* – Free until April Via the Dura Fairy Hunt

Hair: Sadistic hacker  – Not Free

Shoes: Maschienewerk – Free

Mesh Shirt: ~Forgotten~ (Dweia Edo) – Freebie


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  1. March 14, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    loooool happy troll is happy c:

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