Mens Freebie Monday & Fundraisers

Hello all and welcome back to the yardsale box! Thanks for baring with me through my illness I’m well once again.  Though somehow I still managed to stick to most of the posting schedule on my ‘about’ link.   Anyhow!  I’m sure you all remember today is  Men’s Freebie Monday and I’ve found a few more freebies here and there to share with you. Lets begin with Look 1.


I happened upon some freebies while visiting the usual lucky boards over at Delirium Style.  The luckyboards there have many full outfits for both males and females, but I decided to post about the easier-to-obtain for this look.  Anyway, while I looked through the boxes of free stuff provided from the creators of delirium style, I found a nice collection of ‘flag’ t-shirts amongst other full outfits and accesories.  I decided to combine the sheep door opening gift hair with the new user skin provided by Imagen and jeans from Gehenna. Finishing it off with some chucks which were free at maschienwerk.


In look 2 above I hit the midnight mania boards and lucky chairs over at Grumble to obtain the entire clothing layer portions of this outfit.  Combining them with the Imagen skin and Maschienwerk shoes as well as some nice freebie house-elf styled ears from [Ni.Ju].  I threw on some glasses from a lucky board at once of December’s chainstores and finished the look off with a nice low-cost hair that I obtained from the Help Japan event.   If you all haven’t been to this event you should go ! There are two stores full of nice exclusive items up for sale to gain funds to help japan’s crisis fund.  

Here’s a little preview of one of the stores ;D you’ll have to visit to see more !


TL;DR Style Cards

Look 1

Hair: [Sheep Door] Opening gift – Free

Skin: Imagen – Free

Shirt:  Delirium Style – Free

Pants: Gehenna – free via old hunt prize

Shoes: Maschienwerk – Free

Look 2

Hair: *Dura* Help Japan ! – 100L

Skin: Imagen – Free

Outfit: Grumble – Free via lucky chair/ Mm board

Shoes: Maschienwerk – Free

Glasses: December – Free Via Group LB

Please be sure to visit the different Japan fundraiser locations to show your support for those in need !  Thank you!

Help Japan!

Japan Relief Fundraiser @ Radar Magazine HQ

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Fundraisers Coming Soon

Project FUR Japan

In this horrible Japan tragedy, thousands upon thousands of deaths, while every human life that has suffered, passed, or even hurt, I myself cannot also stop thinking about the thousands of animals in Japan that have also lost their lives. They have been left in homes while their owners fled for safety, they have been taken also, along the ravaged waves of the tsunami, never to meet up with their owners again, lost, cold, scared, and hungry.

If you are interested in providing content for this fundraiser the host has provided this link  .  For the original video promo:  .

For even more information:



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