Project Fur Japan – Edge of Sanity


Greetings Everyone! I hope that you are all well!  As you know Project Fur Japan is fast approaching and as the days draw closer more and more stores are preparing to take part in what promises to be one amazing event. If you haven’t already read about it, heard about it, or even seen the donation vendors please take a peek at the Project Fur Japan website.

Amongst the vendors list I happened upon one store that I’d visited on many occasions and enjoyed every purchased item and winning item from their store.  This store’s name?  Edge of sanity, brought to you by none other than Beautiful Engineer herself, whom you can see in the pictures below. First of all, I’d like to thank her, for her cooperation.  While visiting her store I had the chance to speak with her in person, photograph her, and as well see the nice quality of products she has within her store. Her rez day was at the beginning of march, so be sure to wish her a happy belated, lol.

Skins, Eyes, clothes, and alot of awesome people make up this store. Good quality, awesome people, great style, amazing customer service, and warm hearts are some of the things that make Edge of Sanity one of the MUST SEE for this event. I am truly looking forward to finding out what Beautiful Engineer and co. have in store for us for this event. It’s sure to be one to remember and will surely earn loads of money toward the cause.


Be sure to stop by edge of sanity for fair prices, high quality, and friendly people. Right now there’s a special going on with her skins, so be sure to get them while the sale lasts, below is a preview of one of her wonderful skins and if you’re feeling generous donate via her Project Fur Japan vendor. Which can be found in the store near the table. 


Catch EOS at the Project Fur Japan location and get in on the helping hand action! As always, thanks for reading, style cards below! Have a great day.

TL;DR Style Cards

Hair Melfina (D Brown) by Rock Candy for the PCF Not Free
Skin + Spider LashesMisty (Erra) by Edge of SanityNot Free
Mouth FairyPim’s Out Of Luck! Nom by *Epic*FREE Via DIHM2 Prize
AO Oracul Basically Girl AO Free Via Marketplace Only
Pose DandelionDandy (dandelion poser) by NSA Free Via Albero Kawaiii Hunt
Horns Asteca(cheep01)-M by [BJD]Free Via Lucky Board
Eye Base Super Ocular (green) by Candy mountain Not Free
Prim Eyes [T.P]-Frozen Soul Toxic by The Plastik Free via old group gift.
Head Turtle Tortle by El’n Not Free (that i’m aware of.)
OutfitNekrotic Dress (green) By Rotten Toe – Not free (15L)
ShoesRocking Horse (black) By The Black Canary Not Free
WingsHomemade Wings Blight bye Into The hollow Free Pack Via lucky chair (though not garunteed free anymore)
Ears- :Overkill:plain <ESUGA Bombshell> by [Ni.Ju]Free  
Lip PiercingsGemma Lip Pierce3/C Bye Rozoregalia – Not Free



  1. March 26, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    -blushes- I’m an animal lover, no doubt. I had to jump in with both feet when I heard about what they were doing. I live in Hawaii and the tsunami hit kinda close to home…. I don’t think my cats, or kid, would forgive me if I didn’t step up and help save the animals of my neighbors.

    I plan on doing as much as I can to get a great set of skins out for everyone special for the event… and I can’t thank Fluxa enough for spreading the word around that I’ve got a big fancy surprise planned! ^_^

    • Fluxa said,

      March 27, 2011 at 2:01 am

      Thank you very much for including me in your blogroll! I feel the very same way about my animals and the events that have occured. I may live in the least likely place to get hit by a tsunami, but i still have a heart and i intend to use it. Even if all i can do is spend my L in the vendors and spread the word. *Fist pump*

      I look forward to seeing these skins and what you have in store for us ! Happy fundraising!

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