Project Fur Japan – *Preview* – Crayon Design


Hey everyone!  I know I’ve already posted today, but oh well!  I’ve got another treat for you!  Yep. Just as the post title states a new preview of one of the many goodies you can obtain at the Project Fur Japan Fundraiaser.   This designer, Aeon Crystal, was kind enough to contact to me and bring to light her exclusive creation for the Project Fur Japan Fundraiser.  Of course you all know that means I want to share it with you. Lol.  So here it is, brought to you by Crayon Designs, and soon to be displayed at Project Fur Japan!


Crayon Designs – Blue Sakura!

This outfit has a very nice asian feel to it and went rather nice with the hair I had in a fatpack from candy mountain’s moving sale.  Crayon Design has many low cost clothings and accessories up for grabs at their mainstore. So if you’d like to get your hands on them before the event feel free to stop by Crayon Design.  If you can spare it, please donate as well, via the donation vendor within the store.

Want to keep up to date with Crayon Design’s releases?  Why not go check out the Crayon Design Blog.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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