A Tickling Mixture

Hey there hi there everyone!   I know I’ve been busy lately posting this and that about fundraisers and haven’t really given you much to look for in freebies !  Well, that’s different today, and I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled postings once it’s all said and done with. For now, today, I’m going to provide you with not only yesterdays missed ‘mens freebie monday’ but also tickle me tuesday items.  Yep! Item(s).  Due to missing a few of the posts due to illness and business i’ve decided to treat you all to multiple outfit and item finds. So lets get started!


Look 1


Look 2


Look 3

So while exploring random sims for nice male freebies I came across a shirt from Pivaaca, some outfits from delirium style, and one from the costa rika sim by alphamal for a promotional gift.  Three different styles for you to chose from and all the outfits are free one way or another (see stylecards at the end of the post for details.   Wait! Today’s tuesday, right? So you know what that means! Tickle me tuesday items~   Today’s post will have two items instead of one to make up for the lack of post last week too.  First up we have the syncro animation heart !


now at first glance, it might not seem like much, but it is loads of fun. Especially when you and your friends all wear it!  Just say a command from the notecard list and you can activate a syncronized animation.  You can have as many of your friends as you want linked together doing these animations just by wearing the item and callling out the command. And it’s free! (See stylecard below for location lm).  Here are some of the animatios previews for you:


From left to right: Stalker, Robot, Crab, Exercise

Next up, from the Albero Kawaii Hunt, A cute wearable tv which tickled my inner fanboy too much.   The screen is animated to, just wear it, and hug it !  Now you can have your own portable tv! (See stylecards below for location lms)


Thanks all for now everyone!  Thanks for reading and as always have a great day. If you have any favorites you’d like to share with me feel free !

TL;DR Style Cards

Mens Freebies:

Look 1 Outfit – Delirium Style – Free Via lucky boards
Look 1 shoes – Maschienenwerk – Free on second floor

Look 2 shirt – Pivaac – Free via group gift
Look 2 hair –  Free until april via *Dura* hunt

Look 3 Outfit Alphamale Promotional gift – Costa rica sim freebie
Look 3 shoes Maschienenwerk – Free on second floor

Tickle Me Tuesday Items:

Syncro Heart Location: Winky’s Gesture Shop
Kawaii TV : {T}.Tasty. gift for the Albero Kawaii Hunt (click here for starting point)

Albero Kawaii Hunt How To(s)

1. Visit the Starting point and grab the hud, you need this hud to begin, and finish before you can collect your prizes.

2. Use the image clues to locate the kawaii tree stumps and click each as you do.  They will fill in squares on the hud panel.

3.  Once your hud is filled in, use the prize location lm notecard to teleport around the sim, collecting your prizes by clicking the red prize boxes at each location.



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