Fantasy Faire Preview – DragonFox Designs!


Greetings Ladies and Gents !  I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled women’s freebie wednesday to provide you all with a sneak peak into the upcoming fantasy faire 2011. As i’m sure you’re aware by now, the sim will be publicly opened on april 2nd, and you will all be able to access these wonderful products.  Proceeds going to support Relay For Life.  So please visit the sims and explore about to see all the items you can purchase to give a helping hand in the fight against cancer.   Now, without further rambling and stalling, our Designer Preview for this post is for DragonFox Designs! BelenosStormchaser Magic has provided us with two product previews of the many she has in store for you all for this faire.  First up we have the lovely romantic wisteria gazebo.




As you can tell, alot of work went into this beautiful design, it even has a center piece fountain that is a scripted oracle. When users (or yourself) pay it, it will speak it’s words of wisdom, and amusing they are as well as familiar to any J. R. R. Tolkien Fan  Example: Dragon’s Oracle: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us” – J. R. R. Tolkien. Next up we have the very beautiful, Ruined babylonian Temple, which I found myself quite attached to.




The textures immediately caught my eye, they were both well done, and beautifully placed.  In the center of this one is a fire pit, which seems to hold very closely with the theme, and the designs upon the pillars are absolutely lovely. The vines that hang from the pillars give the build that special touch that ties all of it together and makes it an item worth getting your hands on !  So look for it and others at DragonFox Design’s Fantasy Faire Store location on the  Dark Mirage Sim.

Now for a special treat, BelenosStormchaser Magic has provided us with a little insight to her store, and it’s history.  So without further delay, from the mouth of the creator herself, their story:


DragonFox Designs is run by BelenosStormchaser Magic, the builder and her SL and RL husband AlacerFox Feld, the awesome scripter.

DragonFox Designs came about because Belenos bought a Seawolf Dragon avatar and fell in love with it. She decided that dragons, like people, should be able to fully enjoy their experience on Second Life and bought a sim for them to hang out on, as they weren’t always that welcome elsewhere.  Having bought the sim, it needed things built – caves, hoards of gold, bridges – and thus began DragonFox Designs approximately 18 months ago.

Since that humble beginning, DragonFox Designs has developed an extensive line of Seawolf Dragon accessories – armour, jewelery, custom textures, sky islands, trinkets, animations, huntable animals and much more.  They have also expanded to accommodate the dragons’ companions, and sometimes alternate lifestyle of the dragons themselves by producing medieval weapons, residences, furniture, even garden supplies.  Belenos has a passion for rich textures and this shows in her builds.

DragonFox works on a simple philosophy of what goes around, comes around.  The sales from our products provide a nice product to the individual (dragon, human or elf usually) and the income from that product also helps support a beautiful land for them to enjoy as well – with the original single sim now expanded to become four. 

Over time DragonFox has become closely associated with Seawolf Avatars and now works with them in the planning and development stages of their avatars to facilitate early release of accessories for future avatars as they too are released onto the market.  DragonFox and Seawolf are also in the process of combining their respective sims in order to make it easier to facilitate the fantasy community their products has created.

This landmark will take you to the middle (and original) level of  DragonFox Designs. The store was built with the size of Seawolf Ancient Dragons in mind, so they could walk around it in their avatar and see the products (so it’s a wee bit large for a human). The store is situated in a skybox above the Arador sims so that it could be built as large as it needed to be, without detracting from the ground usuage of the sim itself. 

DragonFox Designs, Arador Fantasy Market

If you wish to check out the lands the store supports feel free to visit them by using this landmark (we do not permit flying down through the sim as we do have private sky residences between the market and the ground)

The Land of Arador

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact BelenosStormchaser Magic.


I would like to extend a special thanks BelenosStormchaser Magic for providing such a well written history especially with the chaos of preparing for such a large event and personal circumstance.    For all of you who have not been be sure to check out her mainstore for many great items. It’s large and full of goodies (especially for dragon lovers like myself).

As always, thanks for reading and i hope to see you all at this years faire, have a great day!


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