Medieval Freebies!

Hey there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and are safe in your homes during this bad weather.  Today’s post, I decided to dual it up from yesterdays missed, will be about freebies that i’ve found are the most difficult to find in SL of good quality.   Clothing that fits into the medieval time period is what I mean!  So i’ve put together an avatar (and ended up using her as an rp character) which I hope that you will all enjoy!

She is called Radiata:


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[Review] Wasabi Pills – “Antiope”

Ladies and gents ! I hope you’ve all been well!  Today I have a very special treat for you. As you all probably remember, a short time ago I posted for a fantastic set of armor by none other than the awesome store Wasabi Pills, created by MissAllSunday Lemon. Well, now it’s time to talk about a well known feature within the store of wasabi pills, and that is hair!  Hair hair hair hair! Chances are if you’re as hair-addicted as I am in sl you’ll love this!


Pictured above is the newest release in wasabi pills hair line, “Antiope.”  Antiope combines the armored bits with functional ponytails to create a fantastically appealing hair that goes great with the previously reviewed armor.


In this picture you can se eone of the many things I love about wasabi pill’s hairs and hair bases. They flow realistically with the position of the hair and match color perfectly. I was very impressed with this fact to say the least.

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Freebies While You Write Love On Her Arms!

Greetings everyone! Freebies and more today! I hope you’ve been well!

I’ve got good news and bad news!  Lets start with the badnews to get it over with since it’s short and ouch.  As you know I was planning to have a nice new fanciful layout for you, to have it set up, and ready to go. However, I came across some critical errors, and was unable to do so right now. So I will have to put off giving a custom fancified layout for now, but I hope you will all forgive me ! 

Moving along, the good parts, a finalized posting schedule! Yep! We’re going to get back on track with a much more appropriate posting feed also! So here’s the finalized schedule. For details on what certain terms mean see the ‘about’ secion in the side bar.

Monday – Men’s Freebies
Tuesday – No Post or Random Post
Wednesday – Women’s Freebies
Thursday – No post or Random Post
Friday – Fancy That! Fantasy or Fundraisers.
Saturday – No post or Random
Sunday – Special, Sims, or Stores

Now that the schedule portion is out of the way onto the good and important stuff. 

First up we have Men’s Freebie Monday!  I hope you’re ready for it, I know the other men out there like to find great quality freebies for themselves too, so here is your little prize for the week!


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Blog Downtime

Hey there everyone! I know it’s been a short while, but i wanted to let you all i am not dead nor is this blog! Quite the opposite ! While dealing with tornado season and the massive amounts of tornado warnings  i’ve had alot of time  to try to de-stress. What have I been doing?  Planning! Yep, that’s right, and due to my plans this blog has been without post and will be down for just a few more days in order to switch everything around and make it look pretty again.

What to look forward to:

More freebie posts!

More exclusive item posts !

Fun things !

New graphics/layout! 

And a brand new posting schedule to bring you more accurately posted  freebie days and what not as well!  I will also be featuring some more secret goodies that you’ll only be able to get your hands on through members of the Yard Sale Box Hoarders an Friends ! 

So I’ll be seeing you all in a few days for a grand re-opening! It’s sure to be a blast writing up!

Back on track and ready to roll! – 3 days 1 post!

They there everyone! I know it’s been a short bit since I’ve pushed out a post for you all. So to make up for it, no excuses or blah blah blahs, I’m giving you all three days of scheduled posts in one post ! That’s men’s freebies, tickle me tuesdays, and women’s freebie wednesday!   And as a special bonus for being such an awesome audience and hitting an all time high for blog views during the fantasy faire week i’m throwing in a special “Furry” freebie of awesome too !

So lets begin in order, with the Male Feebies of the week, and both come from the fantastic store [Mr. Poet].   For those of you have never been, I highly recommend visiting, all of their work is nice. Their clothing comes with so many options and layers that you can put it on pretty much -any- type of avatar.   This weeks feebie and cheapie are as follows:


Tank and Boxer Set – Freebie


Pink Shirt and Scarf set – Ichigo Hunt – 1L

The quality for the price is well worth it, this store sells clothes, as well as skins. It is all male-oriented, but the items look great on females too ! 

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[Gauze], !Wasabi Pills!, and Alot of fun!

Greetings everyone! I hope that you’ve all been well while I took a short break to rest from all poor weather and tornado problems my city has been having this last week!  I hope you all understand, but anyway. Without further delay I present to you a preview of [Gauze]’s Fantasy Faire Skin and Tattoo set as well as some wonderful items from !Wasabi Pills! that you can obtain via fantasy faire  and their mainstore !  There’s alot of store items in some of these pictures so please view the stylecards below for full details on that.  

First up we have [Gauze]!  As previewed in my previous post, gauze is a store of many talents, from hair and clothes to hybrid features and skin. Not to mention the wide range of jewerly that goes wonderfully with their items.


In the picture above you can see how this skin’s tone holds a great effect for those who mix urban with fantasy.  The tones of the skin fit in with any enviroment and provide a very mysterious feel to the skin.   Read the rest of this entry »

Fantasy Faire 2011 and Project Fur Japan Info (Warning! Lots of photos!)

Hello everyone!  What a long day it’s been! So much to see and so little time to see it in!  Not to mention post about it. As you all are aware Fantasy Faire 2011 is scheduled to open up tomorrow. That’s saturday april 2nd, 2011 (SLT), but not only does fantasy faire start on this date. So does Project Fur Japan! At last the opening date has been announced, April 2nd, 2011!  And I’ve got some final previews and reviews for you all. 


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