Fantasy Faire 2011 and Project Fur Japan Info (Warning! Lots of photos!)

Hello everyone!  What a long day it’s been! So much to see and so little time to see it in!  Not to mention post about it. As you all are aware Fantasy Faire 2011 is scheduled to open up tomorrow. That’s saturday april 2nd, 2011 (SLT), but not only does fantasy faire start on this date. So does Project Fur Japan! At last the opening date has been announced, April 2nd, 2011!  And I’ve got some final previews and reviews for you all. 



I’ll Begin with Fantasy Faire Faire 2011 then end the post with Project Fur Japan prewiews, so be sure to look through them all, because you’ll likely be sorry you missed them if you don’t !


Well, I’m sure by now you’ve seen many of my posts highlighting certain designers within the fantasy faire, so lets recap those shall we and highlight on the ones that I’ve not yet posted on as well.  So first lets start with [][]GAUZE[][]. Gauze is a wonderful store for hair, skins, clothes, jewelry, and even hybrid accessories.  The style is both fantasy and what some refer to as ‘visual kei’. It’s both expressive and beautiful while maintaining a certain air of cutting edge style.  Gauze’s work is created by Yukio Ida whom is both hardworking and generous to causes such as this.  Gauze’s store location on the Dark Mirage sim will provide you with a world of fantastic items to purchase so be sure to stop by on your venturing through.


In this photograph you can see some of the available skins for you to purchase at their fantasy faire location on the dark mirage sim.


They also provide many of their fantasy-styled hair for you to chose from which comes in a variety of fairly priced color packs.


But they do not only cater to humans, but to a variety of species from elves to mutants and even mer!  So be sure to stop by their building at the fantasy faire and check out all the goodies and donation items waiting for you when the fair begins on April 2nd, 2011!

Moving along now we head onward through the fantasy faire to come across some very familiar builds. I wonder what they could be?


Seem familiar? Well, if you’ve been reading, and keeping up to date then you’ll see that these are builds by DragonFox Designs! Which I have recently posted about, if you want to learn more about DragonFox Designs, please read the post HERE or visit the Dark Mirage Sim on Opening Day!

Once more we come across the familiar. The lovely works of Kotori! And surprise surprise! She made even more goodies for her vendors ! So not only are the ones I posted about HERE available, but they many more for those of you who like it extra fantastical.


Well! I am certianly impressed, but this isn’t even a fraction of all the vendors available for you to visit. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything you’d like in the pictures, because there are  PLENTY of places to go through and many freebies hidden within the stores along too if you pay attention within them ;D.

Here’s some more sneak peaks for you all of the Fantasy Faire 2011 side of this post; enjoy!


 Now that we’ve finished going through the mass of picture previews for fantasy faire 2011 i’d like to direct your attention toward Project Fur Japan. The fundraiser meant to help the animals of the tragic tsunami crisis in Japan. This faire also opens up on April 2nd, 2011 and for those who cannot speak to us for themselves thank you for all your help.  Every little bit helps, even if it’s only sending a blanket to jears, or a can of dog food! So please keep in mind the pets you hold dear and think about what you’d want for them if faced with the same situation. 


Pleas for help aside, this faire has some very nice items as well, and i’ve taken the liberty of photographing some of them for you as well.  So here they are:



TL;DR Location Lms and Additional Info

Mouse ears, hands, feet, and tail – Ax Mods (Fantasy Faire)

Eyes – Sterling Artistry (Fantasy Fairie)

Ice Cream Sandwhich Mouth Accessory – Aytpical (Project Fur Japan)

Hair – Magika Sophie Coontail Brown (Project Fur Japan)

Fantasy Faire 2011

Public Opening:

April 2nd, 2011

Sim List:

Dark Mirage

Enchanged Mysts

Exotic Worlds

Fantastical and Magical

Forest of Light

Forest of Shadow

Nemo Revisited

Sea of Mer

Project Fur Japan

Public Opening:

April 2nd, 2011

 Sim Location:

Project Fur Japan

Please note, these sims will not be open for public access until April 2nd, 2011, and will require that you are already in the group as a blogger/designer/staff member to get in before then.


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