[Gauze], !Wasabi Pills!, and Alot of fun!

Greetings everyone! I hope that you’ve all been well while I took a short break to rest from all poor weather and tornado problems my city has been having this last week!  I hope you all understand, but anyway. Without further delay I present to you a preview of [Gauze]’s Fantasy Faire Skin and Tattoo set as well as some wonderful items from !Wasabi Pills! that you can obtain via fantasy faire  and their mainstore !  There’s alot of store items in some of these pictures so please view the stylecards below for full details on that.  

First up we have [Gauze]!  As previewed in my previous post, gauze is a store of many talents, from hair and clothes to hybrid features and skin. Not to mention the wide range of jewerly that goes wonderfully with their items.


In the picture above you can see how this skin’s tone holds a great effect for those who mix urban with fantasy.  The tones of the skin fit in with any enviroment and provide a very mysterious feel to the skin.  


Whether at daytime or night time this skin is truly a nice viewing. Complete with tattoo layers to give it that something special. The tattoo layers are colorable so you can easily add either a traditional appearance or a fantastical one. It’s all up to you and your imagination !


I just love the way the lips are done on this skin. Adding some piercings gave a very nice feel to the look and i’m adoring it far too much.   These skins have male and female versions so no matter what gender you are or want to be you can find the perfect version of this skin for you.


The tattoos combined with the skin are wonderful, they come in a few versions, and this one is my favorite, i love the way it accents the eyes and the suggested brow shape is perfect to go along with them. So I recommend using it too ;D

Next up we feature Wasabi Pills. I’d like to thank Faust for photographing our battle scene so beautifully and for more info on what he is wearing as well as the style card for my outfit in this one please see the style cards at the end.  Now onto the pictures!


I absolutely love this set of armor, it is the Khalon Female Armor, from the store Wasabi Pills!  Made by MissAllSunday Lemon the armor it’self is truly impressive.  The sculpted build hugs to the body realistically and the shading of the material for the armor is so very realistic that it brings a new light to the possibilities sl  has for quality.  I’ve personally always been impressed with the quality of wasabi pills’ work. From their hair to their armors  i’ve never gone without being in awe.  


In the picture above you can see how truly remarkable this armor is and how well it moves with the body. The armor itself has an option to add a chainmail layer beneath it, so if you’re more modest, or just want that extra combat protection just add the chain mail beneath and you’re good to go !  Wasabi pills not only makes armor, but a variety of things. From hair and eyes to armors and more !  Even their store sim is beautiful to look at and deserves it’s own set of praises. So be sure to visit Wasabi Pills and Gauze both at the fantasy faire and at their mainstores.  Landmarks will be provided below. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy this little preview !

TL;DR Style Cards + Credits

Store Locations:
Wasabi Pills and Gauze (Fantasy Faire locaton) Gauze (Mainstore)

Photography Credits (other than myself):
Faust Steamer

First pictures:

Hair – Komelia (gunmetal) by [Gauze]
Skin – Kayn (ice) by [Gauze]
Eyes – Frozen Soul (blue) by The Plastik
Tattoo – Kayen 2 by [Gauze]
Vest – Hooded vest/ black leopard by +Grasp+
Top – Desires Black Lace Corset by Nightshade Designs
Pants – Lacey (black) by [][]Trap [][]
Shoes – Sports sneaker (navy) by Magi Take
Lip Piercings – *Gemma* Lip pierce3/b by +Rozoregalia+
Ears – Free Elf Ears Sculpt by Kin
Gloves – Fingertape (black/blood nails) by Snatch
Nails/rings – Into the bloom rings + nails (bloody) by Virtual Insanity

Second pictures:

On Fluxa:

Armor – Khalon Female Armor by Wasabi Pills
Hair – Ibuki (coal)  – By [Gauze]
Sword – Erotic Emilnese Sword (Lucky chair) by Little Heaven
Skin – YaO_LB by Mother Goose
Eyes – Chem Burn Eyes (aqua) by Repulse

On Faust:
Outfit: Bare Rose
Right arm: Gilded
Facial Tattoo: His own
Skin: Dr. Life
Hair: Exile
Eyes: Repulse

Thanks again for reading and for your patience ! Enjoy! Freebie posts will start up again soon I promise !


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