Back on track and ready to roll! – 3 days 1 post!

They there everyone! I know it’s been a short bit since I’ve pushed out a post for you all. So to make up for it, no excuses or blah blah blahs, I’m giving you all three days of scheduled posts in one post ! That’s men’s freebies, tickle me tuesdays, and women’s freebie wednesday!   And as a special bonus for being such an awesome audience and hitting an all time high for blog views during the fantasy faire week i’m throwing in a special “Furry” freebie of awesome too !

So lets begin in order, with the Male Feebies of the week, and both come from the fantastic store [Mr. Poet].   For those of you have never been, I highly recommend visiting, all of their work is nice. Their clothing comes with so many options and layers that you can put it on pretty much -any- type of avatar.   This weeks feebie and cheapie are as follows:


Tank and Boxer Set – Freebie


Pink Shirt and Scarf set – Ichigo Hunt – 1L

The quality for the price is well worth it, this store sells clothes, as well as skins. It is all male-oriented, but the items look great on females too ! 

Moving onward we have our Tickle Me Tuesday item, which I found both fascinating, and amusing.  From Rachel Breaker herself Derp Derp Derp. If you’ve never been to her sim, Off The Wall, I suggest you take a visit. If you love cartoons and love the humorous side of life you’ll deffinitely love this sim. I’m sure everyone can appreciate the amazing artistic vision she has and here’s just a small sample and a freebie via her store’s group :


Does this head make me look fat?

Next we have our Women’s Freebie Wednesday Items!   A nice outfit set from poised via the cover my furry butt hunt! The jeans for this come in both human and digi leg cuffs so whatever your style  it’s made to match. As always poised quality is nice!


CMFBH Prize From Poised

Also in this photo is a nice skin available for free via lucky board winning at May Shop.  One of the very first stores I bought skin from and I love their work.  These skins are low make-up to soft ‘girlie’ make-up to hold a more ‘natural’ look to them and the skins themselves are shaded very nicely  as well.   Here’s a closeup of the skin:


May Shop – Amelia *Lucky board Prize*

And now for the special treat ! Brought to you via the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt (April 1st -30th , 2011).  In this picture i’ve thrown on my Blue Galaxy Lulinae (800L) avi and adorned it in a nice rave-blue Echo hoodie from Apricot Paws (Free CMFBH prize) and Decay Shorts from Fiction and Chaos (Free CMFBH prize). Both of which also look great on human avatars as well!


Echo hoodie & Decay shorts  Free Via CMFB Hunt

I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this article as I have posting it. I’ll be sharing more fun stuff with you very soon, so please stay tuned, and as always have a great day! 

TL;DR Style Cards

Tank and Boxers set[Mr. Poet] Freebie
Pink Shirts & Dot Neckerchief[Mr. Poet] 1L Ichigo Hunt prize
Giant Head Rachel breaker – Free Via the Rachel Breaker Royal Guard Group
PITA OutfitPoised CMFB hunt prize
Amelia SkinMay shop Lucky board Prize
Echo Hoodie (rave blue)  – Apricot Paws prize for CMFB Hunt
Decay Shorts and warmers Fiction and Chaos CMFB Hunt prize

Visit OFF THE WALL to visit rachel breaker’s crazy cartoon world of awesome.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who shopped at both fundraisers i’ve blogged about! Thanks to you a very large amount of money was raised for both causes and everyone is very grateful!  So thank you very much!


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