[Review] Wasabi Pills – “Antiope”

Ladies and gents ! I hope you’ve all been well!  Today I have a very special treat for you. As you all probably remember, a short time ago I posted for a fantastic set of armor by none other than the awesome store Wasabi Pills, created by MissAllSunday Lemon. Well, now it’s time to talk about a well known feature within the store of wasabi pills, and that is hair!  Hair hair hair hair! Chances are if you’re as hair-addicted as I am in sl you’ll love this!


Pictured above is the newest release in wasabi pills hair line, “Antiope.”  Antiope combines the armored bits with functional ponytails to create a fantastically appealing hair that goes great with the previously reviewed armor.


In this picture you can se eone of the many things I love about wasabi pill’s hairs and hair bases. They flow realistically with the position of the hair and match color perfectly. I was very impressed with this fact to say the least.


All color versons of this hair are beautifully decorated by an armored headpiece which fit rather well without modification for my avatar Which i was thrilled with myself considering how ‘dainty’ my female avatar is in comparison to others.  You can see in this picture the detail work put into the sculpts from the shapes themselves down to the very etching in the material giving it a ver realistic quality.  The color scheme of this piece is true to it’s nature and is one beautiful piece of work.


I’ve combined several snapshots in the picture above to provide you with a ‘quick’ sneak preview of the many color options available for the Antiope hair ! The quality of Wasabi Pill products is always impressive, a great deal of care is put into each item, and if even a small error is found with them MissAllSunday Lemon is usually very quick to spot and fix them. Giving a great quality product and wonderful customer service you can expect the best out of Wasabi Pills products. Another great feature about them is that you can see that the photos taken for the and the actual product are one in the same. No fancy curtain dressing! Just real, true, quality.I hope you will all take the time to visit wasabi pills and grab up your own copy of the impressive Antiope Hair. I’m still having a blast with it myself XD.

Well! That’s all for this post ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed reading, and as always I wish you well! Stay safe in these bad weather days! 

TL;DR  Style Card and Item Locations

Wasabi Pills – “Antiope” Hair  and Khalon Armor

Wasabi Pills Marketplace Store  – (Great for gifting to friends! )


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