Medieval Freebies!

Hey there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and are safe in your homes during this bad weather.  Today’s post, I decided to dual it up from yesterdays missed, will be about freebies that i’ve found are the most difficult to find in SL of good quality.   Clothing that fits into the medieval time period is what I mean!  So i’ve put together an avatar (and ended up using her as an rp character) which I hope that you will all enjoy!

She is called Radiata:


Now, this avatar was no easy build, and took several hours just to find the right items. With a little mod here and a little mod there I am satisfied with how she turned out.  First of all, the hair, looked little like this when I first picked it up. But the general style was great and the fact it was copy mod also helped. So i took it apart and added some long, large, drill-like curls to the sides.   I retextured the hair and added some bits to the bangs and she had hair!  Now, the skin I chose was somewhat of a pain, I had originally intended for her lips to be painted red. However, i found this pale lip colour suited her better, especially with the species i chose for her character.   Here’s  the original VERY ROUGH sketch I did in order to get an idea of the avatar I wanted to create.



As you can see some things (mainly the clothing) were altered a bit to be more suiting to the enviroment.


To keep with the same appeal of the character I chose a pair of eyes from repulse, which was lucky for me, since they were free in the DSM hunt.  I gave her a simple necklace and a nice medieval gown i found on the marketplace as a freebie  and her outfit was complete for the most part.  Now, i did not give her shoes, due to her tendacies not to wear them anyway. She likes to feel the earth beneath her feet. However, i did give her a blindfold, because she tries to appear as human as possible and her eyes are a dead giveaway. So i found a gorean bondage mask and moded away the gag and straps to create just the simple blindfold.    You’ll notice that in the full body image there are particles about her, i added a streamline particle, and gave it a  mild rotation to create an effect for her special kinetic ability for the Ambrea Role-Play Sim. 

All and all I think this avatar turned out pretty well for one made up of nothing over 1L. What do you guys think?   Would you like to see more posts like this? With in detail explinations like such?  If so leave me a comment and let me know!  As always, thanks for reading, be safe out there !

P.S. My thoughts and hopes go out for those who were touched in one way or another by the  storms that have torn through the united states these last weeks.  My hopes remain in, as well, that the flood walls will remain sturdy until the water returns to normal levels.

TL;DR Style Cards and Location Links:

Creative Chaos –  Nadia – Freebie

Crossbow of Andera – Freebie via Gorean Information Freebie Center

Kimmy Hair (heavily moded) – Freebie via Gorean Information Freebie Center

Primal Eyes – Repulse DSM #3

Reds pack hairbase – Free at Tiny Bird

Skin – SOY_09 by mother goose – 1L

Blindfold – Dari’s Haus Lockable Blindfold-gag (heavily moded) – Free at the gor freebie market.

Necklace – Simple pearl Necklace – Curious kitties freebie

Ambrea Role Play Sim – Medieval Fantasy –  Meter required, Application Required,  Ning page following suggested.


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