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Greetings everyone! I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting more posts. With what short time i have before this dofus router gives me troubles again I must sadly inform you that the yardsale box blog will be down until my new router arrives and i can have a more reliable internet feed to post with.  This saddens me a great deal, but i will continue working on the exclusive items for my faithful bloggers and perhaps a few extras for your patience through this unexpected ordeal.   Please bare with me and i’ll will return once my router has arrived and been set up!

Until then I wish you all well and i hope to return posting for you all again soon!


[Product Review] Wasabi pills – “Vicky” Hair.

Greetings ladies and gents! Another special treat for you today, that’s right, a new review of wasabi pills products!  You’ve seen armors, helments, and hair pieces now it’s time for hair itself !  This post’s focus will be upon the newly released wasabi pills hairstyle, “Vicky.”  This hair i’ve found has been a wonderul addition a very wide variety of styles. In this post I will go into detail just a few of the different looks you can achieve for this hair, but first a little about wasabi pills.  Wasabi Pills does all of their texturing and sculpting by hand. All textures and sculpts are works of MissAllSunday Lemon.  Wasabi pills specializes in hairs, armors, eyes, and more.  I’d recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality and fair prices.


No matter what look you’re going for, this ‘vicky’ hair can provide the finishing touch with class or wildness!   In the picture above I decided to display a more simplistic and somewhat classic appeal. Combining this hair with a lovely new group gift dress from gf*  allowed for a much more gentle and mannered look. The skin i chose to go with it was one of mother goose’s newer lucky board skins. To me it fit well with the almost ‘spring time’ look of the dress i was wearing.   Oh and Edgar (the penguin) says, “hi!”

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The Macabre Hunt Prizes [ Mens and Women’s Freebies ]

Before I get started I’d like to say  that I appreciate the great deal of effort put into this hunt by the host. When the blog hints were down they were quickly returned to their original state and the hunt went onward right after.  The group was as well very helpful, as much as they could be, so kudos to the creative brain behind …:::Rasetsukoku::.. for all the hard work.  To begin with i’d like to mention that these images are not 100 % of the prizes available, only a small portion at a time, as sneak peeks at what you can obtain.  I will be brief with my description of each as there is alot to cover in this post. 

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.HoD. Haus Of Darcy [Reviews and Previews]

Greetings Ladies and Gents ! I hope you’ve all been well !  

Today I’m going to do things a little differently by pushing the men’s freebies off until tomorrow. Forgive me, but tomorrow will be a large post for everyone! Lots of freebies for men and for women no matter what your style preference is i’m sure you’ll find at least one thing you like there.   Until then “on with the show” as they say.  

Today I’d like to introduce to a store filled with wonderful piercings and jewelry set in it’s own little space. Providing both a beautiful outdoor scene and a nice calm interior to it’s shoppers.  Haus of Darcy is several levels of stunning piercings and jewelries that would  any piercing needs you might have.  Together along side Eiran Lionheart of IC:OOC we’ve put together posts in efforts to get the word out to you and to show of some of the fantastic works .HoD. has to offer.  So click the link below our group photo to read more into the fabulous world of Haus of Darcy’s Piercings and Jewelery.


(Pictured above: Eiran Lionheart, Faust Steamer, and Fluxa Core-Steamer. Photograph By Eiran Lionheart)

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[Review] Wasabi Pills – White Death Armor

Greetings folks!  It’s been a while, eh?   Short apology for being away, thankfully the flood waters are no longer an issue, and I can be at ease once more !  I’ve got a bunch of stuff in store for you this week so lets kick it off with today’s item of focus.  Recently released by Wasabi Pills is the fantastic White Death Armor! Not only does this armor come resize scripted, but it’s also very easy to fit to any shape of avatar. Whether you’re a manly man, a femboy, or even somewhere inbetween.

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