[Review] Wasabi Pills – White Death Armor

Greetings folks!  It’s been a while, eh?   Short apology for being away, thankfully the flood waters are no longer an issue, and I can be at ease once more !  I’ve got a bunch of stuff in store for you this week so lets kick it off with today’s item of focus.  Recently released by Wasabi Pills is the fantastic White Death Armor! Not only does this armor come resize scripted, but it’s also very easy to fit to any shape of avatar. Whether you’re a manly man, a femboy, or even somewhere inbetween.

This armor has a great fantasy quality to it as you can see from the picture above (click to enlarge for a better view). The careful craftmenship and well seamed textures make this armor a great piece to have in any fantasy lover’s wardrobe!   This armor comes with it’s on specially designed alpha layer so there’s no need to worry about fleshy bits poking out of the armors folds ! Making for a much easier and cleaner look with AO movement. 

The image above displays the main chest piece of the armor. In this image you can see how detailed the sculpting is and how well put together it is as well. The symmetry of this item is very well maintained.  The texturing as well gives great effect to the structure of the piece and at the same time maintains that mysteriously fantastical feel about it.  You can as well see the undergarment layer chainmail in this photo which is well done as well and doesn’t contrast the armor harshly tieing it all together beautifully.

Now, the head piece (sold seperately) I am especially fond of, the beautiful scultping and realistic growth look to the horned pieces is breath taking.  The attachment points to the guard piece are very well done and it is very nicely detailed. The textures even have a great amount of quality and depth. It looks realistic as if you’d touch it and be able to feel it the same as if it were upon an animal.   With 100% original sculpties hand sculpted in 3ds – zbrush by MissAllSunday Lemon this armor is easily worth the price. 

So go visit her store Wasabi Pills and see it for yourself!  There’s a 3d preview of it at her mainstore as well! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading and will take the time to visit for yourself!  I’ve enjoyed writing and reviewing for you all once again and i’m glad to be back. 

Ps. Soon there will be a little surprise exclusive for you all. It will be a limited time only surprise so be sure to check back often !

TL;DR Style Cards and SURL Locations

White Death Armor – Wasabi Pills

Ibuki Hair – Gauze

Kayn Tatto – Gauze

Feral Eyes – Sterling Artistry




  1. Pieta Nowles said,

    May 10, 2011 at 8:45 am

    Such a pretty armor yet deadly looking! D8 Do want, I love Wasabi Pills’ fantasy stuff. Fantasical review, Fluxbutt.

    • Fluxa said,

      May 10, 2011 at 5:27 pm

      It is *A* MissAllSunday Lemon makes great fantasy items, the hair there is awesome too, I can remember waiting for the hair fair to come around just to tackle their new hair release. It was awesome and exactly what i needed for one of my character’s hairstyles. remember that? XD It was the trent hair I believee 8D

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