The Macabre Hunt Prizes [ Mens and Women’s Freebies ]

Before I get started I’d like to say  that I appreciate the great deal of effort put into this hunt by the host. When the blog hints were down they were quickly returned to their original state and the hunt went onward right after.  The group was as well very helpful, as much as they could be, so kudos to the creative brain behind …:::Rasetsukoku::.. for all the hard work.  To begin with i’d like to mention that these images are not 100 % of the prizes available, only a small portion at a time, as sneak peeks at what you can obtain.  I will be brief with my description of each as there is alot to cover in this post. 

The Macabre Hunt’s Theme for this go around is “Inside pandora’s box.” Some of the creative visions have impressed me for this hunt and I am glad to see a few new places in the hunt that i’d never before caught glimpse of.  This hunt runs from May 12th until June 4th so you still have quite a bit of time to snatch up these goodies.

First up we have a nice freebie outfit for the ladies. Consisting of a dress, ankle, and wrist shackls as well as a tattooed ‘abuse’  layer.


Freebies in the above image:

Outfit – Bound Hope – +TMH+ Prize # 1 Rasetsukoku [1 of 2]

Next up we have an interesting tattoo here that comes in several opacity levels as pictured below.


Freebies in the above image:

Requiem Tattoo – 0 %, 25%, 50 %, and 75 % opacity – +TMH+ Prize # 2 – Gehenna

In the picture below there are several freebies, ranging from musical puppet accessories, to severed heads and piercings.


Freebies in the above image:

Touch me I dare you + Wear me I dare you – +TMH+ Prize # 20 by Dels Odd  Shop
Lingere – Flirt Leopard – Temptation Group gift
Eyes – “pandora: Level 2 (busted pupil)” – +TMH+ Prize # 15 by Tacky Star
Arm Ribbons –  Pandora’s Ribbons (bow) – +TMH+ Prize # 16 by [NA]
Belt – Black Rose Belt [Bronze] – +TMH+Prize # 18 T r i d e n t
Skin – Control (fauna busty) – Midnight Mania Exclusive Freebie by Edge of Sanity

 Now if you want to add a touch of makeup this next hunt prize is right up your alley; especially if you’re an alley cat. (Oh the terrible puns!)


Freebies in this image:

Eye makeups – “The Eyes Have It” – Cateye, Dark and mysterious eyes, Darkened eyes, Serious cateye, and The day after eye smudges – +TMH+ Prize #22 by A Netherworld

 Feeling up for a massacre? Well try your hand at these next outfits, one for the men, and one for the ladies. Unfortunately only the women’s version is combat scripted it seems. Oh well!  Oh and don’t forget that nice pose set thrown in there too!


Freebies in the image above:

Female Outfit (including gun) – PMS – +TMH+ Prize #26 by Black Cat Bones
Male Outfit (Including machete) – Butcher – +TMH+ Prize #26 by Black Cat Bones
Pose chips + dice – Greedy – +TMH+ Prize #6 by (FN)

Another tattoo that works for either gender and comes in several layers of opacity as well.


Freebies in the above image:

Reaper Back Tattoo – +TMH+ Prize #19 by Dark Desires Custom Tattoos

 Lookin for a male skin of the fantasy sort? Well, look no further, this hunt has those too ! Some horns as well!


Freebies in the above image:

Outfit – Woe’d Man – +TMH+ prize #51 by PunkD
Skin – ::Skin Wounded Wolf:: – +TMH+ #47 by Coca & Wolf
Horns + Facial Tattoo – Macabre Hunt Horns-  +TMH+ # 27 +Ezura+

Last but not least we have some furniture, wings, clothes and other violent things. Yay!


Freebies in the image above:

Knife – Speak no evil tattoo + Knife – +TMH+ # 54 by Repulse
Shirt – All that remains – +TMH+ #53 by [Strip’d]
Wings – Famine – +TMH+ #59 by Thatchick
Wrist Cuffs – Bullet with butterfly wings cuffs – +TMH+ # 62 by =FORSAKEN=
Bed – Your Death Bed – +TMH+ # 67 by Elegant Goth

That’s all of the preview for now ladies and gents, i hope you all enjoyed, and i hope that you find something suiting to your tastes. Not everything in this hunt is as blood-covered as what i’ve shown thus far, but all very nice items.

Happy hunting!


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