Hello ! Welcome to the yardsale box.  Much like a box you find in a yardsale, this blog’s contents will be mixed, random and scheduled for posts.  I may or may  not in the future have assitants in creating posts, but for now it is just myself.  If I get off track and don’t post on schedule please don’t eat my brain about it, I am beginning a shop with my loving penguin, and that in itself is very time consuming with my ‘free’ time.   Now for the schedule thus far:

Monday – Men’s Freebies
Tuesday – No Post or Random Post
Wednesday – Women’s Freebies
Thursday – No post or Random Post
Friday – Fancy That! Fantasy or Fundraisers.
Saturday – No post or Random
Sunday – Special, Sims, or Stores


Fancy That! – Posts dedicated to things I fancy or fancy items/places that catch my attention.

Random post – Posts that will be about anything, from places to rp, or places to shop. Even random outfits I take a liking to.

Special – Posts about things I feel should be brought to attention. Lucky chairs/boards/stores or special item give aways and promotions will be shown on these days.

Sims – Sometimes I’ll feature a little post about sims to visit. Whether they’re for roleplay, shopping, or just derping around is up to me.

Stores – Special stores i come across, wehther well known or not, will be posted on these days as well.


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