[Review] Wasabi Pills – White Death Armor

Greetings folks!  It’s been a while, eh?   Short apology for being away, thankfully the flood waters are no longer an issue, and I can be at ease once more !  I’ve got a bunch of stuff in store for you this week so lets kick it off with today’s item of focus.  Recently released by Wasabi Pills is the fantastic White Death Armor! Not only does this armor come resize scripted, but it’s also very easy to fit to any shape of avatar. Whether you’re a manly man, a femboy, or even somewhere inbetween.

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[Gauze], !Wasabi Pills!, and Alot of fun!

Greetings everyone! I hope that you’ve all been well while I took a short break to rest from all poor weather and tornado problems my city has been having this last week!  I hope you all understand, but anyway. Without further delay I present to you a preview of [Gauze]’s Fantasy Faire Skin and Tattoo set as well as some wonderful items from !Wasabi Pills! that you can obtain via fantasy faire  and their mainstore !  There’s alot of store items in some of these pictures so please view the stylecards below for full details on that.  

First up we have [Gauze]!  As previewed in my previous post, gauze is a store of many talents, from hair and clothes to hybrid features and skin. Not to mention the wide range of jewerly that goes wonderfully with their items.


In the picture above you can see how this skin’s tone holds a great effect for those who mix urban with fantasy.  The tones of the skin fit in with any enviroment and provide a very mysterious feel to the skin.   Read the rest of this entry »