Greetings ladies and gentlemen!  I know it’s been a very long time, but i’m happy to tell you that my internet is once again stable enough for me to bring you loads of goodies! And man have they been piling up! So, starting tomorrow, I will once again be blogging goodies for you. This includes freebies, random outfits, lucky boards, and sneak peeks of items from the stores I blog for !  Thank you all so much for having patience with me and for all the visits that have clocked in even with the time that I’ve been away. (thank you google for picking up on key phrases XD).

Also, If you’re interested in an exclusive freebie for your patience ,  please join The Contraption in world group. This will take up a group space, but we will do our best to make sure you’re well informed of our store’s  progression.  If you did not already gather from that, we’ve been in the works for opening a collaborative store, called the contraption.   If you like steampunk, horror, gothic, and other alternative themes you may be interested  in visiting our store once it opens !  I will post here once such occurs.

Until then, take care, and I hope you will enjoy receiving my posts once again !  Oh and one last surprise!   Starting very soon I will have some great help in maintaining this blog. Contraption Inventor, Walton F. S. Wainwright, has offered his help in posting for the blog!  Now, he’s a helper, so I’m not going to make promises on how often his posts will show up. However, they will be worth it when they do, you’ll see !

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day~

— Fluxa Core









.HoD. Haus Of Darcy [Reviews and Previews]

Greetings Ladies and Gents ! I hope you’ve all been well !  

Today I’m going to do things a little differently by pushing the men’s freebies off until tomorrow. Forgive me, but tomorrow will be a large post for everyone! Lots of freebies for men and for women no matter what your style preference is i’m sure you’ll find at least one thing you like there.   Until then “on with the show” as they say.  

Today I’d like to introduce to a store filled with wonderful piercings and jewelry set in it’s own little space. Providing both a beautiful outdoor scene and a nice calm interior to it’s shoppers.  Haus of Darcy is several levels of stunning piercings and jewelries that would  any piercing needs you might have.  Together along side Eiran Lionheart of IC:OOC we’ve put together posts in efforts to get the word out to you and to show of some of the fantastic works .HoD. has to offer.  So click the link below our group photo to read more into the fabulous world of Haus of Darcy’s Piercings and Jewelery.


(Pictured above: Eiran Lionheart, Faust Steamer, and Fluxa Core-Steamer. Photograph By Eiran Lionheart)

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Fantasy Faire Feature – *+Kotori+* – Preview


Hello once again readers! I hope you’re all doing well!  As you know fantasy faire will begin on April 2nd, just a short time away, and as promised I have a little sneak preview for you all.   One of the many fabulous vendors at the faire will be Liffey Darkfire of *+Kotori+*.  

Kotori is a lovely store filled with fairly priced clothing items ranging from lolita and neko to the very featured fashion style for this fair; Fantasy!  Lady Darkfire has been very kind to offer preview to you all and myself of the upcoming event’s vendor attire.  That means each of these beautiful designs will be up for grabs with proceeds going to the relay for life.   So without further stalling, here are your previews, as photograph and worn by myself.   The elegance of these outfits is beautiful and the third outfit even comes with it’s own jewelry to match. Wonderful work Lady Darkfire ! I look forward to seeing more of it.


*+Kotori+* ~Circe~  Daylight (Blue)


*+Kotori+* ~Circe~ Midnight (Blue)


*+Kotori+* ~Meadea~ (Ocean)

Each of these designs will be available within the fundraiser vendors at the *+Kotori+* store location on the Dark Mirage sim.  I truly enjoyed these designs and hope that you all do as well.  Look forward to these designs and more from Kotori during the 2011 fantasy faire beginning April 2nd! 

If you’d like to visit this designer’s store and see more of her lovely designs before the faire please feel free to  head over to *+Kotori+*.