[Product Review] Wasabi pills – “Vicky” Hair.

Greetings ladies and gents! Another special treat for you today, that’s right, a new review of wasabi pills products!  You’ve seen armors, helments, and hair pieces now it’s time for hair itself !  This post’s focus will be upon the newly released wasabi pills hairstyle, “Vicky.”  This hair i’ve found has been a wonderul addition a very wide variety of styles. In this post I will go into detail just a few of the different looks you can achieve for this hair, but first a little about wasabi pills.  Wasabi Pills does all of their texturing and sculpting by hand. All textures and sculpts are works of MissAllSunday Lemon.  Wasabi pills specializes in hairs, armors, eyes, and more.  I’d recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality and fair prices.


No matter what look you’re going for, this ‘vicky’ hair can provide the finishing touch with class or wildness!   In the picture above I decided to display a more simplistic and somewhat classic appeal. Combining this hair with a lovely new group gift dress from gf*  allowed for a much more gentle and mannered look. The skin i chose to go with it was one of mother goose’s newer lucky board skins. To me it fit well with the almost ‘spring time’ look of the dress i was wearing.   Oh and Edgar (the penguin) says, “hi!”

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