[Review] Wasabi Pills – “Antiope”

Ladies and gents ! I hope you’ve all been well!  Today I have a very special treat for you. As you all probably remember, a short time ago I posted for a fantastic set of armor by none other than the awesome store Wasabi Pills, created by MissAllSunday Lemon. Well, now it’s time to talk about a well known feature within the store of wasabi pills, and that is hair!  Hair hair hair hair! Chances are if you’re as hair-addicted as I am in sl you’ll love this!


Pictured above is the newest release in wasabi pills hair line, “Antiope.”  Antiope combines the armored bits with functional ponytails to create a fantastically appealing hair that goes great with the previously reviewed armor.


In this picture you can se eone of the many things I love about wasabi pill’s hairs and hair bases. They flow realistically with the position of the hair and match color perfectly. I was very impressed with this fact to say the least.

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Freebies While You Write Love On Her Arms!

Greetings everyone! Freebies and more today! I hope you’ve been well!

I’ve got good news and bad news!  Lets start with the badnews to get it over with since it’s short and ouch.  As you know I was planning to have a nice new fanciful layout for you, to have it set up, and ready to go. However, I came across some critical errors, and was unable to do so right now. So I will have to put off giving a custom fancified layout for now, but I hope you will all forgive me ! 

Moving along, the good parts, a finalized posting schedule! Yep! We’re going to get back on track with a much more appropriate posting feed also! So here’s the finalized schedule. For details on what certain terms mean see the ‘about’ secion in the side bar.

Monday – Men’s Freebies
Tuesday – No Post or Random Post
Wednesday – Women’s Freebies
Thursday – No post or Random Post
Friday – Fancy That! Fantasy or Fundraisers.
Saturday – No post or Random
Sunday – Special, Sims, or Stores

Now that the schedule portion is out of the way onto the good and important stuff. 

First up we have Men’s Freebie Monday!  I hope you’re ready for it, I know the other men out there like to find great quality freebies for themselves too, so here is your little prize for the week!


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Back on track and ready to roll! – 3 days 1 post!

They there everyone! I know it’s been a short bit since I’ve pushed out a post for you all. So to make up for it, no excuses or blah blah blahs, I’m giving you all three days of scheduled posts in one post ! That’s men’s freebies, tickle me tuesdays, and women’s freebie wednesday!   And as a special bonus for being such an awesome audience and hitting an all time high for blog views during the fantasy faire week i’m throwing in a special “Furry” freebie of awesome too !

So lets begin in order, with the Male Feebies of the week, and both come from the fantastic store [Mr. Poet].   For those of you have never been, I highly recommend visiting, all of their work is nice. Their clothing comes with so many options and layers that you can put it on pretty much -any- type of avatar.   This weeks feebie and cheapie are as follows:


Tank and Boxer Set – Freebie


Pink Shirt and Scarf set – Ichigo Hunt – 1L

The quality for the price is well worth it, this store sells clothes, as well as skins. It is all male-oriented, but the items look great on females too ! 

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Fantasy Faire Feature – *+Kotori+* – Preview


Hello once again readers! I hope you’re all doing well!  As you know fantasy faire will begin on April 2nd, just a short time away, and as promised I have a little sneak preview for you all.   One of the many fabulous vendors at the faire will be Liffey Darkfire of *+Kotori+*.  

Kotori is a lovely store filled with fairly priced clothing items ranging from lolita and neko to the very featured fashion style for this fair; Fantasy!  Lady Darkfire has been very kind to offer preview to you all and myself of the upcoming event’s vendor attire.  That means each of these beautiful designs will be up for grabs with proceeds going to the relay for life.   So without further stalling, here are your previews, as photograph and worn by myself.   The elegance of these outfits is beautiful and the third outfit even comes with it’s own jewelry to match. Wonderful work Lady Darkfire ! I look forward to seeing more of it.


*+Kotori+* ~Circe~  Daylight (Blue)


*+Kotori+* ~Circe~ Midnight (Blue)


*+Kotori+* ~Meadea~ (Ocean)

Each of these designs will be available within the fundraiser vendors at the *+Kotori+* store location on the Dark Mirage sim.  I truly enjoyed these designs and hope that you all do as well.  Look forward to these designs and more from Kotori during the 2011 fantasy faire beginning April 2nd! 

If you’d like to visit this designer’s store and see more of her lovely designs before the faire please feel free to  head over to *+Kotori+*.

Project Fur Japan – Edge of Sanity


Greetings Everyone! I hope that you are all well!  As you know Project Fur Japan is fast approaching and as the days draw closer more and more stores are preparing to take part in what promises to be one amazing event. If you haven’t already read about it, heard about it, or even seen the donation vendors please take a peek at the Project Fur Japan website.

Amongst the vendors list I happened upon one store that I’d visited on many occasions and enjoyed every purchased item and winning item from their store.  This store’s name?  Edge of sanity, brought to you by none other than Beautiful Engineer herself, whom you can see in the pictures below. First of all, I’d like to thank her, for her cooperation.  While visiting her store I had the chance to speak with her in person, photograph her, and as well see the nice quality of products she has within her store. Her rez day was at the beginning of march, so be sure to wish her a happy belated, lol.

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Project Fur Japan


Greetings to you all!  As promised I’m giving you all a bit more information and a little sneak preview into Project Fur Japan. A funraiser deicated to helping the animals effected by the Japan Tsunami Crisis.   All funds raised by this event will provide medical treatement, shelter, food, and more to the animals! So as expected, many of the items in this fundraiser will hold themes animal (or Fur) in nature, but this is not to say there won’t be ‘normal’ items as  well.  The fundraiser’s vendor list is fast growing and opening days are fast approaching, but there’s been little insight as to what to look forward to.  So fellow blogger Eiran of IC:OOC and myself with a little investigative work have put together a small ‘sneak preview’ of a couple of the items prepared for this event.


Click for the larger image please!

In the picture above you, for my avatar, you will find a very cute shirt by Statique.  Only this item on my avatar is a donation item via the Project Fur Japan fundraiser.  If you’d like to know more about Eiran’s avatar and the items he is wearing that are part of Project Fur Japan, please visit his blog (IC:OOC), and look for a similar post!

Now, this is only a small preview of what is to come, there are hundreds of designers. So expect more intel in the future, but for now please help if you can!  The need for supplies as well as cash donations is high!  The stores listed have provided donation vendors within their doors and more information about how to donate supplies can be found on the  main blog Project Fur Japan or even through JEARS directly. While we understand alot of fundraisers have been going on and many people are low on cash, please remember, every little bit helps.  Your small donation can be the difference between life or death for an innocent creature.  

Thank you to everyone who has donated and to those who will donate.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

[Photography Provided by Eiran Lionheart of IC:OOC]

Mens Freebie Monday & Fundraisers

Hello all and welcome back to the yardsale box! Thanks for baring with me through my illness I’m well once again.  Though somehow I still managed to stick to most of the posting schedule on my ‘about’ link.   Anyhow!  I’m sure you all remember today is  Men’s Freebie Monday and I’ve found a few more freebies here and there to share with you. Lets begin with Look 1.


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Women’s Freebie Wednesday- Ray Skin and Mysterious Wave

Hello and welcome to another women’s freebie wednesday! If you’ve kept up to date and read the hints a few days ago you’ll notice some very familiar items here and there !  I told you i’d be updating soon and telling you all about that location and in this post I will be.  Why? Because the store in mention specializes in female hair and clothing of ‘kawai desu ‘ style.   This store is great for beginners so be sure to stop by Ray Skin yourself  and see the nice items they have for their group members. No cost to join !


Picture 1

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Tickle Me Tuesday – Hand Puppets!

Hello and welcome to another Tickle me Tuesday.  It’s going to be short and sweet this time, my apologizes, but i’m a bit under the weather. However, the show must go on, as they say. So while visiting yet another random shopping sim I came across a little store that reminded me of a little cafe, being not fluent in japanese, I couldn’t gather much information.  While I was standing there my letter came up on a lucky board which had a set of amusing little hand-puppet cats that activate and wiggle with my typing!  They do not need an activated typing animation to work, just simply type, and it activates itself. Even with most of my AOs.


After some investigation i found that these adorably derp little critters belonged to a store called Sakisa: Shops & Cafe Bar.  Have a peek in yourself and maybe you can take a pair of these funny little critters home.  They just tickled me too much not to write about them!

No style cards today! The only thing free in the previous picture are the puppet pal mentioned before !

*Change/Update* Black Butler Hunt Rescheduled

Days ago I posted in my future hunts section about upcoming hunts. One of them being the black butler hunt, based on kuroshitsuji, and one I am still looking forward to. However, due to the Japan Tsunami crisis, this hunt has been postponed until June.    Here is the official notices for this information as posted by the hunt organizer:

この時点でLittle crown「黒執事」のハントに 2011 年 6 月まで日本の危機のためにこの時点で延期されることを発表したいです。自分と家族に専念いただきたいです。これまでのところ、ベンダーのハードワークをありがとうございます。まだこのハントその時のことで興味があるなら、我々 確実が楽しんでいました。自分の注意してください !

English: We’ve come to a decision to postpone the hunt until June 2011 due to the crisis in Japan at this time. We want you to concentrate on yourself and families. Thank you for your support thus far. If you’re still interested in doing this hunt at that time, then we would surely enjoy having you. Please take care of yourself!

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