Greetings ladies and gentlemen!  I know it’s been a very long time, but i’m happy to tell you that my internet is once again stable enough for me to bring you loads of goodies! And man have they been piling up! So, starting tomorrow, I will once again be blogging goodies for you. This includes freebies, random outfits, lucky boards, and sneak peeks of items from the stores I blog for !  Thank you all so much for having patience with me and for all the visits that have clocked in even with the time that I’ve been away. (thank you google for picking up on key phrases XD).

Also, If you’re interested in an exclusive freebie for your patience ,  please join The Contraption in world group. This will take up a group space, but we will do our best to make sure you’re well informed of our store’s  progression.  If you did not already gather from that, we’ve been in the works for opening a collaborative store, called the contraption.   If you like steampunk, horror, gothic, and other alternative themes you may be interested  in visiting our store once it opens !  I will post here once such occurs.

Until then, take care, and I hope you will enjoy receiving my posts once again !  Oh and one last surprise!   Starting very soon I will have some great help in maintaining this blog. Contraption Inventor, Walton F. S. Wainwright, has offered his help in posting for the blog!  Now, he’s a helper, so I’m not going to make promises on how often his posts will show up. However, they will be worth it when they do, you’ll see !

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day~

— Fluxa Core









Women’s Freebies Wednesday – Steaming It Up

Yep! You read it correctly! Today is women’s freebie day and we’re going on an adventure! 

We begin our adventure in a lovely sim called Vintage Village!  Steampunk and other vintage themes can be found amongst the buildings here. The beautiful scenerey makes for an amazing photo op for our freebie story today. As many of you already know (especially if you’ve seen my current hunts page) the ‘steam the hunt’ 4 event has begun. A hunt dedicated to the wonderful world of steampunk as invisioned by the patrons of SL. Now this hunt has over 100 stores and many great prizes that will be featured now and in the future.

In the photograph below you’ll see the beautifully designed dress that pulls a modern touch to steampunk fashion. From the classic color scheme to the lolita feel the quality is impressive ! This hunt item comes with a specially crafted, working, gun as well ! Even complete with sculpted shoes to match. Wretched dollies deffinitely pulled out the big guns for this hunt.

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