Supernatural Hunt Secondlife Style!

Greetings ladies and gents! It’s been a while hasn’t it?   I won’t drop any excuses  on you as to why. Instead i’ll get right into the post.  This post is all about the supernatural hunt in secondlife !  Do you like all alternative themes, ghosts, and ghouls?  Hunting for them can be fun, but what about in secondlife?   Well!  Do we have a treat for you.  Secondlife’s very own supernatural hunt hosts have provided us glimpses into the supernatural through the form of delightful items.   I’ll guide you along the way to viewing some (not all) of the wonderful items provided! It’s up to you to find them at their locations. If you dare you’ll want to begin HERE.

Combining these items is always fun, you get a good idea of what sort of looks you can make with them, as well as the quality of the prize you’ve hunted for.  These were some of my favorites so i put them together into an outfit as pictured above.  Here you will see the Dark inspired eye set from abundantia, which comes with a nice third eye, which has a long history in religious beliefs in some areas as well as supernatural references. Upon this avatar you  can as well see the lovely set of horns, tail, and wings that were provided as hunt gifts by Kennedys!  I couldn’t help but to love the shade of pink that Me-l used for their female hair prize.  Combined with the beautiful dress given out by miss Aeon Crystal of Crayon Designs it was a very nice treat.  Top it off with the calf-boots provided by !drakke! and the oracle necklace  and you will have yourself a nice supernatural type female avatar.

In the picture above you can see how nice everything sits, i’m very grateful for these prizes, i am still very fond of them!

Here you can see closer views of the lovely me-l hair, the horns provided by kennedys, and the collisions oracle necklace prizes.  Each is beautifully crafted and truly help pull together the accessory portions of this avatar and of course the hair.

Now i know before you couldn’t really see these fabulous boots very well, but never fear! I’ve provided youw ith c lose ups of them as well !  A nice addition to gothic-styled attire if you ask me.

Now, for the men, I have not forgotten about you. there are plenty of kick-butt prizes for both genders.  With a complete outfit created by !Shade!, Boots by !Drakke!, necklace by Crayon Designs, and a lovely succubus  by Bunnystar to whisper in your ear you can achieve a nice look for your male avatars as well.   This outfit has both a nice punk/gothic feel to it as well as a bit of casual fun feel.   The succubus pets provided by  bunnystar is probably one of the most amusing items to me!  There are a few of them as a prize, each with their own personalities, some fly and some sit on your shoulder.   Each respond to certain english words or emotes to express their opinions to you.

The picture above is a closer look at several of the items, here you can see the quality of the coat provided in the !shade! prize outfit, the awesome necklace provided as the male snh hunt prize from crayon designs, the succubus mentioned in the previous paragraph and the nice quality of the me-l hairbase for their hair!

This hunt isn’t just full of clothing type prizes!  Nope, it has furniture too, and some nice ones  at that.   In the picture above you can see a couch, a clock, and a vase. All prizes in this hunt as well !

This loveseat and vase by Maven’s home furnishings comes with several color options, sure to spice up   your secondlife homes, pose menu included as well !  This clock by damage, inc. is great, click on it and it tells you the time, and if you’re around when the hour shifts  you can hear it’s tune!

While trying on the blue fae outfit provided by ~~Holly~~ i found this neat fireplace by visions gallery !  The face within spits fire into the fireplace and amused me to no end. It was a great place for photographing this nice outfit and getting a glimpse of these grape colored eyes from eye candi which i’ve become very fond of myself.

I had fun with the  taking this picture! With the bonfire from trident burning the glow cast a nice light upon the colorful gypsy outfit provided by divalicious.

In the picture above you can better see the gypsy outfit by divalicious and it’s nice asortment of color shades.  The bangles upon the arms match the colors within the dress and are provided within the prize as well!   Now that’s all i have for you today, but stay tuned for tomorrows post. A great deal of catch up on wasabi pills, sneak peaks into how the beautiful works of wasabi pills hair have come along so well, and a peek into the most recent releases from her store !  As always, thanks for reading, enjoy your hunting and I hope you all enjoyed reading ! Below is a list of the items in the pictures and the stores they come from. There is no hunt order provided or store number, but each post has a link to the store who provided the item.

First Female Pictures

Hair – Iris (pink) –  Me-l  SNH PRIZE
Wings/Horns/Tail – ~Kennedy’s~ Women’s Urban Wear Supernatural Hunt Prize – SNH PRIZE
Dress –  SNH/Dark Gift Female by Crayon Designs – SNH PRIZE
Third Eye Set –  Abundantia Dark Inspired Eyes – Abundantia SNH PRIZE
Female Boots – “Underworld” gothic calf boots – !Drakke! Female SNH PRIZE
Necklace – Oracle Necklace – .: CoLLisions :. SNH PRIZE

Male Pictures

Outfit – “Bitten” for Men – !SHADE! SNH PRIZE
Hair – Yang – Me-l SNH PRIZE
Boots – “Bitten” boots – !Drakke! SNH PRIZE
Necklace – SNH/Dark Necklace for men – Crayon Designs SNH PRIZE
Succubus pets – BunnyStar SNH PRIZE

Furniture and second female pictures

Clock – Red Death – Damage, Inc. SNH PRIZE
Couch and Vase – Miami Contemporary love Seat and Vase – Maven’s Home Furnishings SNH PRIZE
Fairy outfit – Blue Fae – ~~Holly~~ SNH PRIZE
Fireplace – Fireplace black – VISIONS GALLERY SNH PRIZE
Eyes – Reflections (Grape) – Eye Candi SNH PRIZE

Bonfire and Last Female pictures

Bonfire –  Witch Bonfire II – T R I D E N T SNH PRIZE
Gypsy outfit – Gypsy – Divalicious SNH PRIZE


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