[Product Review] Wasabi pills – “Vicky” Hair.

Greetings ladies and gents! Another special treat for you today, that’s right, a new review of wasabi pills products!  You’ve seen armors, helments, and hair pieces now it’s time for hair itself !  This post’s focus will be upon the newly released wasabi pills hairstyle, “Vicky.”  This hair i’ve found has been a wonderul addition a very wide variety of styles. In this post I will go into detail just a few of the different looks you can achieve for this hair, but first a little about wasabi pills.  Wasabi Pills does all of their texturing and sculpting by hand. All textures and sculpts are works of MissAllSunday Lemon.  Wasabi pills specializes in hairs, armors, eyes, and more.  I’d recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality and fair prices.


No matter what look you’re going for, this ‘vicky’ hair can provide the finishing touch with class or wildness!   In the picture above I decided to display a more simplistic and somewhat classic appeal. Combining this hair with a lovely new group gift dress from gf*  allowed for a much more gentle and mannered look. The skin i chose to go with it was one of mother goose’s newer lucky board skins. To me it fit well with the almost ‘spring time’ look of the dress i was wearing.   Oh and Edgar (the penguin) says, “hi!”


Have a unique look you want to capture? A lolita style mixed with an anime appeal ? No matter what size of head your avatar has the “Vicky” hair is fully adjustable so that you can fit it to your head properly. In this image I had a somewhat  Tsundere theme idea in mind for it and this is the result.  Using the “vicky” hair in combination with my anime head (part of my gantz cute avatar) I quickly adjusted it to fit and grabbed my dress from curious kitties then went over to violent seduction to take photos (and stalk the lucky boards but shh).


 If you’re more of a doll or even a bit sheepish (lol puns)  this hair can suit you as well.  In the photo above I dressed my bloom doll in the ‘vicky’ hair and a cute sheep outfit from Dogtoothviolet to create this style.  I enjoyed the way the hair gave that ‘tamed wild’ sort of look to the sheepish outfit and really enjoyed how easily i could resize it to fit my avi’s gainormous head.


Now, the most obvious, and one i found a very fun look was the wild and untamed look.   Though these are only a few of the many styles you can use this hair fore i found this one particularly amusing.  The wild touch to the hair can make it appear very feral too ! Whether it’s playing a feral elf, a native,  or any other untamed sort you can think of;  it is perfect for it.


No matter what you’re style, or color preference, there’s a version of this hair for you!  If you adore it as much as i do then perhaps the full color pack is for you!  Here is a sample of the wide range of colors you can chose from (see picture above).  Some of my favorite colors are used often for me now! i’m sure you will all enjoy this hair as much as I have been.  I look forward to more wasabi pills updates to inform you all of and as always thanks for reading !

TL;DR Styling Cards and Link Locations

Style 1 

“Vicky Hair” – Wasabi Pills (Not free)
Dress – GF* Group gift (free)
Penguin – Animania (not free)
Skin – Trudy-III (LB Freebies)

Style 2

Anime head – Gantz (not free)
Hammer – My own build (available upon request)
Dress – Curious kitties (not free)
Location – Violent seduction

Style 3

Doll Avi – Bloom Doll (not free)
Outfit – Dogtoothviolet (Free via LB)

Style 4

Skin – Nyx by Envious (old group gift)
Hair – Vicky by Wasabi pills (not free)
Outfit – Code Qipao by Bare Rose  (not free)

Be sure to visit Wasabi Pills Mainstore, The Wasabi Pills Marketplace, and The Wasabi Pills Update blog for more information and product details. As well as many other products for you to purchase.


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